Holistic & Integrative
Health & Wellbeing Service 

Frustrated that your doctor can never get to the bottom of your issues?”

Dr. Peter T. Chan 
General Practitioner 
Functional Medicine Practitioner 

My patients demand robust integrative approach to their health and wellbeing because orthodox healthcare system struggles to address their needs. 

This is the main reason I provide this service to a selected few who desire a holistic approach to alleviate their current health issues, address root causes, integrate effective methodologies and optimise their wellbeing. 


On top of my other NHS and entrepreneurial pursuits, I could only provide integrative service to a few motivated clients by mutual agreement. The requisites include commitment to 

  • take charge of one’s health,
  • accept personal responsibilities,
  • implement individualised plan and
  • be accountable to personal wellbeing.

Please contact me via email or mobile for a brief introduction to ascertain our cultural fit before entering a therapeutic relationship


My clients make a contribution of their choosing depend on their perceived value & financial situation. 

As a guide

Video or telephone (15min): £50

Video or telephone (30min): £80

Clinic (30 min): £80

Clinic (60 min): £150

Home visit (30min): £120. Additional travel cost when travelling time exceeds 40minutes outside Durham area

By invitation only

£90 monthly subscription for unlimited holistic care with access to virtual GP service. 

Investigation: variable depend on clinical indication and 3rd party providers



Contact us

Telephone: 07933 119508

E-mail: enquiry@pvhs.org.uk

Address: Greenbank, Stranton, Hartlepool TS24 7QT

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I rely on testimonies to reflect, learn and shape my practice. Please contact me for any feedback you have. 

Joanna, Richmond, Surrey

Thank you Peter for supporting me through a recent Covid infection. Your vast knowledge sharing and calm, reassuring manner were invaluable in my quick recovery. As a nutritional therapist myself, I was impressed by your comprehensive awareness and knowledge of holistic, nutritional and supplementation protocols and your advice regarding medication was very sound and rooted in good evidence-based science. What helped me the most was your calm, reassuring manner and the fact you actually listen to your patients. This is something you don’t get to experience much these days and you clearly understand the importance of mental well-being and good bedside manner in the healing process.  I am so thankful you made the time to do the video consultations at short notice and for all your advice and support. I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend your practice to anyone who needs sound, holistic advice and a human, kind and supportive approach.

Annie Barr MBE, Tyneside

used this private GP service and was astounded at the speed and the level of service I received. I cannot say I have ever received service like it from a GP. It was thorough, speedy and very high quality. I would most definitely recommend this service highly

Jo, County Durham

My consultation with Dr Chan was extremely informative. My circumstances led him to recommend a complete change to my diet. To most, this huge lifestyle change would feel daunting. However, it was explained to me so well and so in depth that I was not worried about such a big change. 

I’m already noticing the benefits of practicing Mindfulness meditation on a daily basis, I’m much less stressed and sleeping much better already, and it hasn’t even been a week since our appointment. 

As our appointment was so in-depth, he even kindly typed up some notes and emailed them over to me the next day. 

I found Dr Chan not only extremely knowledgeable but also very friendly. It was clear to my husband and I that Dr Chan truly cares about his patients. This is not just a job for him, he really does want to help people. 

Would I recommend Dr Chan?

Absolutely. In fact, I already have been recommending him to family and friends

Amalia & Petros Thoma

We were lucky to find Dr Chan. He was compassionate, professional and genuinely wanted to help. Both my husband I were covid positive. My case was mild but my husbands situation was becoming concerning. He took the time to listen and understand our medical situations, without judgement (going over our allotted consultation time). Dr Chan conversed with us about vitamins and viral treatments comfortably and knowledgeably. Prescriptions were sent over quickly and my husband and I began to feel better within a few days. 

Thank you Dr Chan for your help. We have saved your number

Sharon, Birmingham

I needed a GP consultation for my daughter who lives quite a distance away. Arranging the appointment was fairly straightforward and my daughter had a consultation on the same day. Dr Chan was compassionate and arranged treatment promptly

Jon Golby, Gloucestershire 

A friend recommended Peter as a Dr with integrity who may be able to help me with an issue I’ve been trying to address with NHS ‘services’ for 18 months but getting nowhere due to the lack of service or credible action plan which meant I was forever being sent in circles and passed from person to person who made promises, none of which were remembered or kept. 

Peter was immediately relatable and went out of his way to help me. He quickly set up a zoom call to ascertain the issue and come up with a treatment plan. 

I had more help in an hour or two of his time than from 18 months previously and he has offered ongoing support check ins. 

I found it slightly difficult to pay for his time as he did not ask for money so I had to insist. Even that amount was negligible for the effort he put in. He was definitely not motivated by financial reward but by genuine care and an eagerness to help. 

I was humbled by Peter’s professional, personal, ethical care shown towards me. I could sense that he really wanted to help. 

Such a contrast to the box ticking processes and hurdles I was made to jump via the NHS ‘service’. 

I would recommend Peter as a Dr to anyone. One with a heart who really cares for the individual and their well-being.

Thank you for your support 

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